Ashley Victoria

User Experience Architect

It's not just what you create,
it's why you create it and who it is for.

A website for a shop, a song for a loved one, or a strong cup of coffee for a friend.

Every effort can be considered an art form, and I apply this to everything I do.

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Some of what I do


I run workshops with stakeholders to help define and guide content decisions that reconcile the project goals and needs of the user.

Information Architecture

After defining ideal user journeys, I design the information architecture to move users seemlessly through complex systems.

Prototyping & User Testing

Using a rapid prototyping process to test early on in a project's life cycle, I validate IA and design decisions through unmoderated user testing.

My Work

I work with clients and agencies to build digital experiences that reflect their message in a way that matters to real people.

  • 2017 | Powershifter

  • 2016 | Drive Digital
    NSDA, Ledmac, Coast Appliances

  • 2016 | 10up
    Microsoft, Tech Crunch, ElasticPress Plugin

  • 2014 | Forge & Smith
    Province of BC, Sweet Georgia Yarns

Speaking Engagements

I talk about things I'm passionate about; Recently on process, client engagement, and fascilitated discussions with women in tech.

  • 2017 | Style and Class
    Women in Science and Technology: A Holistic View on Gender Inequality
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  • 2016 | Ladies That UX
    Let's Talk About Sexism

  • 2015 | Style & Class
    Building Trust Through Transparency and Client Education

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